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Default Re: Does a gen3 front bumper cover fit a gen2?

Thank you all for your help, as it sounds like the consensus is that it won't work.

I am glad someone had already tried this or looked at it closely, because when I looked at a lot of gen2 and gen3 sedan photos I failed to see anything I thought would be noticeable except for the lower style line, but then as I pointed out I am rather style blind until I see something completely finished, and so you have saved me a lot of anguish.

At least I can scavenge the gen3 sedan's roof "drip mouldings" for our gen2 SL2 as those are identical (the clearcoat has started peeling off the drip mouldings on our gen2 and so replacing those will help keep the car looking nice).

Thanks again for the help, as it is much appreciated.
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