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2009 Astra XE
Default Re: Oil in spark plug well

I had issues with my 09 Astra XR (117k km) last night. Kind of a chugging sound and feeling on start-up, incredibly sluggish acceleration with more chugging.

The CEL was intermittent while driving and gave me p0141 and p0302 codes once I parked. I replaced the ignition coil pack (with an aftermarket part) on this car about 3 years ago, so I thought it may be failing again. Opened up the cover, lifted out the coil pack and found that almost all of my spark plug wells had oil in them. Some of the plugs were nearly totally submerged.

I have noticed that the front right corner (driver's side) of the valve cover leaks oil and it may have become a significant leak recently.

I picked up some parts at the junk yard in hopes to get this fixed quickly:

- Valve cover with gasket (from an Astra that did not show signs of oil leaks)
- Ignition coil pack
- Thermostat

Will update when parts are installed. Any other suggestions/tips are welcome!
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