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Default Re: 1999 SOCH auto transmission problems

I did a test suggested by OldNuc in this thread.
The battery voltage was initially 12.6V, after charging it overnight, it only went down from there. Higher RPM only seemed to drain the battery faster. After turning on the headlights, opening the sunroof and windows, and turning on the A/C on full (There was not enough power for the radio), it had dropped to about 7V, the gauges were failing, and the idle became rough. It stalled about 30 seconds later when I tried to close the windows. There was not enough power to crank the engine, it read 12.0V. I managed to start it again a few minutes later, turned on the headlights and A/C, it stalled faster, and did not start again. I will change the alternator in a few hours, and see if that helps.
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