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Default Re: Intermittent vacuum leak

I have the same issue as well, when cold it will start up fine and run normally, even if I go on a trip and start it up in the next hour.

However if on a hot day or it just sits the sun the engine starts but idles extremely rough @ 500-650RPM and sounds like its sucking on a straw until I tap the throttle and it jumps to 4,000RPM and stays there before slowly coming down to 3,000RPM after ~30sec. If I stop-start the engine it just goes back the 4,000RPM without input (It still sounds like a straw).

The kicker is if I start driving it will go away after about 15mins, but the last time I drove it, it kept running at 4kRPM (out of gear) for an ~1h:30m and then settled down. I tried to get a shop to look at it but the CR-V incident shut down that option with them citing the liability law of Michigan.

So I left it that to decide on A. Fixing the trailing arm body side mount. or B. go to a dealer and ask for low mile '99 which I'm sure they'll charge ~5k for it, the Used car market is stupid inflated in Michigan.

P.S. the check valve on my booster still had its pressure when I attempted to take it off and cut my hand really good when it 'popped' off. So it's generating a lot of vacuum for a vacuum leak. The computer shows nominal values beside the B1S2 and EVAP Purge Code.
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