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Default Intermittent vacuum leak

I own a 2000 SL2 automatic with 130,000 miles. A couple of weeks ago the car suddenly began running rough and I had to keep the rpms above 2000 to keep it from stalling. At the same time, I lost all power assist to the brakes. Classic vacuum leak, right? Well I checked all the hoses, the brake booster and the check valve on the booster and could find nothing wrong. I started the car and drove it several miles with no issues. The engine was fully up to temperature. idle was normal and the brakes worked fine. A couple days go by and the same symptoms return. I was barely able to get the car home and I had no power assist to the brakes. Again, checking for vacuum leaks turned up nothing. I am afraid to drive the car now, but it is needed every day. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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