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2004 ION-3 Sedan
Default Re: Can't seem to fix this car?!?

2006 ion2, I am not entirely sure what these items you are talking about are. ssicarman, the fuel filter I installed is OEM (from the dealership). My idle fuel pressure is between 40-70 psi, but when I did the pressure test with the key on, engine off, the pressure was steady at about 55 psi, which is mid-range for that test. As for my MAP reading; I am at sea level...I don't know if that tells you anything, but according to alldata, it should be around 12 inches, being at sea level, when idling. I am not sure how to check that I am getting a correct reading from my MAP. I am getting the reading from my Actron Code Scanner, so I can only hope that it is correct. I still have not been able to run my test with the vacuum gauge. I am hoping to do that today, though I am not entirely sure how, hopefully I can figure it out once I actually open the package for the tester.
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