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Default Re: All to common coolant leak at the intake manifold

Filled up the cooling system with water and fired it up. Started no issue and after running a short while dont see any leaks. However I noticed the car seemed to be shaking a little more than usual and when I went around the the back I could hear popping from the exhaust. So now have a very noticeable misfire. Spark plugs are new and gapped accordingly. Seems to drive fine with no noticeable issues but at idle there's definitely a missfire now. Previously had a check engine light for P0446 evap something or other that is common on these so not sure if any new codes. Ill have to het to autozone up the street. Is it possible I cut to much and no have a legit leak at the intake manifold? Id expect other running issues. I did the valve cover gaskets and plugs same time which were done in the middle of this coolant job. And pulled the egr and gave a quick cleaning. Previously cleaned the throttle body. Guess I'll see if any new codes have come up and go from there.
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