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Default Re: All to common coolant leak at the intake manifold

Originally Posted by TomM96 View Post
@ Eskimo619

Thanks for discussion & foto. A daunting R&R given all the attachments.

I recently brought a used DOHC head to a machine shop for repair,
with the cam cover attached. The shop put the cam cover through the cleaning bath, and it removed all the crud from the oil dispersant ramp in the cover.

I think the Dorman spout fitting flange has that warp as a consequence of
the part suffering thermal stress when the flange is welded/brazed into
place. They'd be more expensive if were milled.
Dorman stuff usually works ... they may be relying on the gasket to take up the slack, but flat is Better.
I definitely didn't want to risk a leak using it as is. I got ahold of a local machine shop who said they should be able to toss it in a lathe and get the mounting surface flat. Probably only a couple minutes to take care of it. Better than me buying sandpaper and taping it to a flat surface and hand sanding it. Will update once the part is fixed and mounted.
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