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Default All to common coolant leak at the intake manifold

So I just bought my 2001 saturn sl2 recently. Had read about the common coolant fitting that breaks on the manifold requiring replacement of manifold or cutting that section off and using the revised metal fitting. Today after pulling and cleaning the egr valve I happened to be looking around that coolant fitting and saw a small pool of fluid. I touched the smaller of the 2 lines and it snapped blowing hot coolant everywhere. Was not ready for that to happen lol.

I had already been thinking about doing the intake manifold gasket and cleaning out the manifold and now have to. Well I could just modify the manifold on the car but rather be thorough about it. So I ordered the Dorman metal coolant fitting/hardware, intake manifold and throttle body gaskets, waterpump and thermostat. And will do a coolant flush of course. Probably easiest to swap the waterpump first with using the serpentine belt for tension to get the bolts off and can install the new one and be done with that. Then replace thermostat. Then start the process of getting the manifold off.

I found a few YouTube videos that seem to walk through the process pretty well. Ill just take my time but shouldn't have any issues. Ill certainly listen to any opinions/advice on the job as well. Main thing im wondering is the best way to try and clean out the crud from the intake manifold. Put it in a tote or bucket filled with some sort of chemical to eat away at the junk inside but not damage the plastic? Ill also be changing the oil and trans fluid as well. Should keep me busy all of Monday as the parts arrive Sunday. I'll drain the coolant and remove old waterpump while waiting for the new parts.

Gotta love having to wrench just after buying the car lol.
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