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Default Re: Fuel pump fuse has no power to it.

First off, thank you all for having this forum in the first place. If bumping a post is frowned upon I do apologize, I only figured it would make more sense for all of the solutions to be contained in as least amount of threads as possible.

So I have successfully removed the A2 wire from the plastic block it clips into. Next, I aim to clean it. What are the best ways to go about this? Should I snip the wire, strip it back and buy and new connector and clamp it on or would it be better to buy the QD electronic cleaner? If I go with the cleaner how will the wires get cleaned? I have the Scotch pad. I guess what I am asking is can the connector be removed and put back on? Is there a tutorial available for this on how to best go about all this, please?

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