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Default The College Car Build

So I had bought my Daughter a 2003 Saturn Vue to use for College. Well now she is done with college and has since bought a newer car. So I have the Vue and plan on rebuilding it into a some what of a hot rod project car. Has the V6 motor auto trans. I rebuilt the top half of the motor. New gaskets etc and E3 spark plugs. This car will get up and move.

The shocks are gone and need to replace them. But I would like to lower the car also. It sets up to high and need to lower the center of gravity. Can't seem to find a shock spring kit for this vue. Does anyone have a link they could share of a lowering kit for the vue? This will be the start of this project. Once I get going with this project I'll post a blog to follow a long.

Future plans are to get newer rims maybe 18 or 20" rims. Swap the v6 for a LS4. Or just turbo the v6. But I don't think the trans will handle the extra power.
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