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Default HELP! 04 Vue brake line flare type and fitting size


I'm replacing the rear brakes on my 04 Saturn Vue v6 AWD and am having a hard time finding the correct brake line flare and fitting information. I believe 3/16 is the right size. Everything I've read regarding Saturn's say they use bubble flares...I took off the hard line to the wheel cylinder and it looks like both ends of that short line are double flares. Can anyone confirm this is correct? The wheel cylinder (new one and old one that came off the car) both have double flare receiving ends.

Also, the fitting going into the wheel cylinder and the fitting going into the soft line are different sizes. Is this normal?? I know the one going into the wheel cylinder is metric, but does anyone know the size going into the soft line? Should it be SAE? Does anyone have any tech sheets on this or experience changing their brakes/lines and can confirm for me? Thanks in advance.

ps- if this thread is in the wrong place, can someone point me to the spot where it'd get the most responses. Thanks.
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