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Default the old mysterious sounds trick

hi sages - heres one ive been stumped on . a few days ago my 01 L100 has developed a noise when rolling down the road. no noise when sitting and idling. it is an intermittent soft knocking noise emanating from the right rear. suspected something had come apart in the brake drum. checked both rears and everything ok in the rear brakes. with drums off i spun the hubs suspecting bearings- no noise there , good , silent and smooth. replaced front wheel bearings a few years ago.rear springs checked and are not broken or off their mounts. nothing rolling around under the rear seat cushion or on the rear floor.nor in the trunk. all rear joints, bushings appear to be undamaged and snug. even checked those rubber grommets in the rear used as hangers for the exhaust system. shock absorbers (inside the coils) look good. had replaced them with gabriels about 8 years ago. any thoughts? thanks tons bob f
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