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2004 ION-3 Sedan
Default Re: Under Hood Relay Box

When my sons Saturn Ion 3 would not start ( I don't recall a buzzing sound) the info display flashed PWR STR & Coolant intermittently. I do not recall if the pass lock symbol was flashing. I do know that the DIC (display) was not reading "service vehicle". I preformed the reset procedure and the car started.

The reset procedure is as follows.

Turn the key as if to crank the starter
release the key

wait ten minutes ( I am quite specific on this time line. I don't know how much leeway is acceptable outside these time perimeters.)

turn the key to position off. If I recall I had to press the little button on the steering wheel column to get the key to this position. Hold the key in this position for ten (10) seconds

Repeat above procedure two more times. turn the key as if to start....

I hope this works for you if not I have other procedures that worked for me. This has been a periodic issue.
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