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2006 RELAY-2
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Default Re: Engine head replacement 07 ion 2.2

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
In every timing setup of 4-stroke engines, cylinder #1 is used for TDC when both intake and exhaust valves are closed. With 4-stroke engines, two full revolutions (720 degrees) of the crankshaft is required to get to tdc. Assuming nothing, rotate the crank until cyl#1 exhaust valve begins to open. As the crankshaft rotates and closes cyl#1 exhaust valve, tdc is reached. Continuing past tdc, the intake valve begins to open, past tdc. When the intake valve opens and closes, 180 degrees of crank rotation will occur. This is not tdc (only 180 degree of 720). Intake closing begins the combustion cycle for another 180 degrees before the exhaust valve opens, needing 180 degrees to open and close where TDC occurs to begin another 4-stroke cycle.

A straw inserted into cylinder#1 can help visualize piston travel relative to intake and exhaust valve opening/closing while viewing both valves. When timing is correct, several crankshaft revolutions (two revolutions per 4-stroke cycle) should occur without pistons meeting valves.

There should a few youtube videos for 2.2l ecotech engines since GM used them in several models.
Thanks for explaining this. Got it running!

After putting everything back together it started up in less than 30 seconds. Smoked for a good bit due to spilled fluids like oil and coolant from when unhooking things but eventually stopped. It drives pretty good but sounds kinda ruff when accelerating in the first few gears. Accelerates normally.

There is a camshaft sensor code (I think that's what it said. Hopefully nothing major and something easy to resolve. Wish I knew what was making it sound louder than usual when accelerating in the first few gears. Maybe it just needs to brake back in? Hope so.

Gotta tune it up. Oil change, maybe a coolant drain and fill, etc. Also needs a new ignition switch. Had to start it by hooking the starter up to the battery post.

Had a few bolts and nuts leftover that I couldn't remember where they went smh. Two of them were long like 5-7 inches and it bothers me. Hope the engine doesn't pop out while I'm doing 70 down the highway. Gotta get some replacement bolts for the exhaust manifold heat shield. Nothing will burn through the firewall or anything will it?

Thanks to everyone who helped me out!
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