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2002 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default Re: L81 3.0L Timing Belt Slipped

New timing belt kit: $240 (ContiTech TB285K2 from Advanced)
2 New ignition coils: $200 (BWD E263 & E328 from Advanced)
6 New Iridium spark plugs: $42 (Autolite XP Iridium XP3924 from AutoZone)
Tools required that I didn't have: $100 (Compression Checker, TQ Wrench, Female Torx)
Doing the work yourself, saving a ****load of money on parts and labor costs, not having any internal damage, and being able to drive the car afterwards:


This was a job an a half. Did it with out locking the cam sprockets. Couldn't find the tool anywhere to buy or rent. A little bit time consuming but it can be done with a little patience. Line up marks, adjust tensioner and guide pulleys, check, adjust, recheck, etc. Did compression checks on all cylinders and all of them were up around 200psi. Does that sound right? I was the one cranking the engine and my buddy was reading the gauge but that is what he was calling out. Really liking those Iridium plugs. I went ahead and did those and the coils while I had everything apart. Coils had tears in them when I pulled them out. Probably happened while pulling them. Car runs beautifully now. Nice and quiet and seems a bit more peppier.

Thanks to all for the help on this and other matters that I have asked about. Keep those Saturns on the road people.

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