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2002 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default L81 3.0L Timing Belt Slipped

Hey all,

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help that this website has offered. I don't post as much as I read but this issue requires a post.

At 110K my water pump went out and I got it replaced by a CarX in Indianapolis. I was on the road and had no choice. He recommended that I do the timing belt as well but told him I couldn't afford for him to do it and asked him if the belt would get me to St. Louis where I had access to a garage, tools and mechanic help (my brother). He said it would. So I get to STL and my brother and I replace the belt with the Dayco replacement from AutoZone and haven't had any issues until now. 1 1/2 yrs later and car is now at 125K. Yesterday my wife was coming back from the community pool and she said the car started making a bad clunking sound and had no power. So I went out and started the car back up and it had a bad vibration at idle but didn's really have a clunking sound....unitl I revved the engine and then there it was, a lot of pinging and clunking but it still ran. I shut it off and let it sit for a while. I then took the car for a short drive up to the local Chinese joint for dinner and it ran fine there and back(I know, probably shouldn't have). Today I started it up to start troubleshooting and it started the pinging and clunking instantly. Dreading the worst, I dove into tearing the front of the engine apart only to find what I was worried about. The timing belt had slipped and now my timing is all jacked up. Unfortunately it started raining and I don't have a garage to work in.

My question is this, how or where should I start to try and realign the timing? I am not sure how for off it is and I know it is an interference engine but I hope the timing didn't slip to far to cause any damage internally but know the possiblilty is there. Taking it somewhere is not an option since I don't have the money to pay someone to do it. Thank you in advanced.

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