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Default Re: Looking for opinions on buying 2000/SC1 2001/SL1

I fully agree, if it doesn't feel right or seems fishy...walk away. There have already been a few like that. The best was a 1996 SL1 with a rebuilt motor and "no rust". The guy showed me the trunk and said "see no rust", I put on my coveralls crawled underneath and asked him if he realized there were NO floor boards left in the back completely rusted out After that he apologized for missing all the receipts for the rebuild, and said he had driven 12k with no oil change because it was walk.

Ive watched eBay seen some nice ones too far away when I forget to set the distance, unfortunately most of the stuff shows up in NJ and its hard to justify a 300 mile round trip.

and pricey. comparatively if these 2 cars were good, it would be some of the cheaper prices Ive seen in about 1.5 months of watching. Where do you guys find all the good deals?

Im not afraid of body damage or a clutch/trans replacement if the car was right.

Anyone know a source of rebuidable cars around Binghamton/Rochester or Syracuse area? I used to have a friend that would frequent the auctions and get some nice fixer upper cars.

That said I agree the 2001 is out, the 2000 SC1 talking with the owner seems very honest in everything he has said, I think Ill try and take a look at the car and see what it is like.

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I think I would walk from both of these cars. They both sound too fishy...and pricey.

What about E-Bay? Is there any Saturns that are for sale in your neck of the woods that you could go take a look at?

If it doesn't feel right...then it isn't the right car for you. I've learned to trust my instinct when it comes to cars...most of the the time the little man inside my head is usually right.
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