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Default Need service, s. Ontario

I have to get a major repair on my 2002 SC2 (really can't see giving it up yet; ever), and I am wondering if anyone out there has an opinion on which dealer in my area still knows anything about Saturns. I live in Kitchener, but can certainly take the car further afield, if it will help.

The repair, by the way, involves the that old story, blocked AIR manifold ports; and came up when the car failed the DriveClean test. This is a way more technical job than I have the competence to manage myself!

Thanks in advance,

2002 SC2 "Hirundo" (Still going strong after 300,000 km!)
1998 SW2 "The Green Monster" (Hail, and farewell! Traded in after 403,100 kms)
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