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2004 VUE 3.5L
Default 2 tires or Replace all four

The corner repair shop inspected my AWD Vue and say the front tires won't pass. I am not happy as I'd replaced all four on 6/15/18 with Falken brand ones that claimed to be good for 65k miles! There have been 3-4 tire rotations performed at various times from then until now - assuming Pep Boys and such were being honest on the bills. I looked up Falken warrantee info and it seems I would have needed to document every rotation (and maybe more) for the warrantee to be valid. I may still contact them but I don't expect much satisfaction. Did I mention the car has only covered 22.8k miles since the installation? So I went on this site reading posts from others who were debating the "replace 2 tires or all 4" question and now my head hurts a little. I was leaning towards the idea that this is PART TIME system and - not living in bad snow country - I don't know if power has EVER been diverted to the real wheels in the last 22.8k miles. I looking for advice on my current idea: Buy 2 new Falkens place them on the front and keep the old ones in case my tires get slashed. And as far a future rotations go, always swap front to back. I don't really want to give Falken more business but, if there is anything to the arguments people make about there being differences in circumference of 235x60x17 tires from one mfr to another I'm not sure I have a choice. Thanks
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