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Default Re: P065E code coming up again.

Originally Posted by Bruticus View Post
Has anyone got to the bottom of this issue?

Here is my history:
First I noticed car was low on power especially with the air conditioning on in the summer. Began noticing worse milage figures. I used to be in the low 9.1s/100km but now I'm 10.5 as recorded by the Astra board computer.

First I cleaned the maf using maf cleaner. I also changed the plugs and the coil pack (no reason other than hoping for more performance.) I used ngk iridium plugs (before I read that regular plugs are recommended.) They are still in the car.

Also took off the oil filters on the cam shaft solenoids (as per GM bulletin).

I've also completed another maf cleaning (maf cleaner) and throttle body cleaning (using throttle body cleaner).

I've also had the timing belt and accessories replaced. I've had an injector cleaning done. I've had the automatic transmission fluid changed.

All of the above was done over 2 or 3 years in search of lost performance.

More recently I have the p065e intake code and also a p0326 knock sensor code.

Car has 120k km.

I'd love to have your input. On my list of things to try is to replace the cam shaft position sensors, do a seafoam treatment (both gas and spray)
I did replace my camshaft position sensors on my XE in the summer of 2015, and it was in another post at that time. The cars engine dieseled, when hot and under acceleration or load, and it had slow acceleration. Replacing the sensors cured the problem, I noticed at lot better performance and it did not diesel. I think I bought both sensors for around $50. I semi-regularly use Seafoam gas treatment.

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