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Default Re: P065E code coming up again.

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
PaulR, there are several previous posts about P065E, intake manifold tuning valve performance. From a simple search, (two posts) one mentions under warranty to replace the entire intake manifold while the other had GM try replacing the valve part with the error returning. No resolution to both threads - its unfortunate for many asking for help here and never replying with a resolution to close out their thread. Based on limited info and almost a total lack of finding the exact part in one GM parts site, this may mean buying an intake manifold ($$$). I do not believe GM/Saturn exhausted all their inventory yet but finding a single part that may be part of the entire intake manifold assembly may be the only way to search for both items then searching for just the valve. I'm presuming the valve is replaceable unless its a permanent part of the intake manifold. It might help if an Astra member that knows what part of the intake manifold is the tuning valve takes a picture and attaches the image here as a thumbnail.

Posted 4/6/11 -

Posted 5/8/12 -

From a reputable site describing P065E;

Two replies from;

One GM parts site lists the entire intake manifold for $476(!? ); You might have to search overseas Astra sites for more info and how Europeans deal with this error code, possibly replacing just the valve (if it can be replaced) or if the intake manifold is removed for cleaning and maintenance to make the existing valve operate again. From my brief searches, this valve is electrically commanded to control vacuum to open/close a door. My guess is the manifold uses two sets of internal runners, one for normal driving, the other for performance to take advantage of tuned intake ports. Please correct me if I'm mistaken. As a side note, my L300 V6 engine uses a similar setup and describes the same tuned ports for daily or performance driving with the intake manifold runner control solenoid as the equivalent of your intake manifold tuning valve.
I almost cannot balk at the $476 to buy another manifold - if that would fix the problem... for good. If I do another search there are probably some out there that I can find for even a little less. I sort of like searching for, and finding the lowest price, it is like a game to me. The problem I have is that a repair facility may charge me another $800 to $1000 in labor just to replace it. This is where it gets costly.

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