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I agree that Saturn is not a luxury brand and Iím not asking to be pampered. All I expect is to receive the same level of service when I take my LS1 in for repairs that I received in the past when I took my SL1 in for repairs. Also Iím not even asking for the rental to be paid for up front, but the service manager should be able to tell me if the rental is covered for the time period the repair takes. I would not expect to drop my car off, pick up a rental and keep it for a week if the repair took only a day.


I consider this something very worthwhile to complain about, transportation is a requirement for me to perform my job duties. It isnít that I drive to work and the car sits in the lot all day, I need to be mobile all day long in order to get paid. If the dealer is loosing so much money the he needs to stem the bleeding by tossing out any aspect of Customer Service the he should go ahead and close the doors now.
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