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My dealer told me to rent a car and if the service manager approved the repair the dealership would pay for the rental car. I asked to informed up front if the rental was covered and was told that the service manager would make that determination after the repair. A position I find completely ludicrous. I also asked if approval also had to be granted by the account or the dealership owner. What if rentals are over budget and the service manager is unaware? What if the dealership is having a bad month? Is it better to rent and seek approval at the 1st of the month before sales figures have been tallied? I have to drive to different parts of town during the day and cannot leave until I complete the call. Does the rental time period end the nano second the repair is complete? What if I canít pick up my car until the next day do I also pay for the rental over night? Why do I get the feeling that as soon as I leave the dealership my car will be moved to the front of the line and the techs will attack the problem like a NASCAR pit crew, throw their hands in the air when the repair is complete and stop the clock on the rental? While I do like my car very much why didnít I buy the Saab?
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