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Default Re: All to common coolant leak at the intake manifold

So I went ahead and pulled the intake manifold this evening. Actually not that bad of a job. Once removed I immediatly saw the spot causing the misfire. And it appears I cut too deep the other day when I sawed off the broken coolant fittings to replace with the metal Dorman part. Basically I removed the very outer lip the gasket would ride in. Not sure if I can still make this work. Have not been able to source a spare manifold anywhere local. Few on eBay for over $300. And now with the car out of commission I need it back together asap. Thinking maybe with the new gasket and some high temp rtv I can get that corner sealed up best I can and run with it. Has to better than it was with the corner of the gasket not there at all.

I have the manifold sitting in a tote filled with hot water, well was hot lol, and purple power. Started to scrub a bit with a long dryer lint brush that has stiff bristles. Water went black before I could even blink. So much crap in the intake. I know it won't be spotless but figure I can knock off the larger chunks and get it as clean as I can with what im working with. Was nice I didnt have to drain the coolant because of already installing the new coolant fitting. Just have to address the gasket and reinstall. Might be just enough of a lip to hold the gasket and ill strategically use high temp rtv to secure. Will be interesting but have to work with what I have.
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