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Default Saturn Vue steering issue with video

I know, another Saturn Vue Steering issue. However I have not been able to find this issue regarding the sound I have. I have read and viewed information online that has one problem or the other but not both at the same time with Engine Light on.

Below is a link to a video I made so others can hear the sound I am talking about while turning my steering wheel. I was so concerned about the sound that I left out the power steering concern. So before watching here are my concerns.

1.) Wheel is hard to turn. If this were not an electric power steering I would have thought I was low on power steering fluid.
2.) Steering wheel makes a sound while turning left and right.

Engine light came on just prior to having these issues but I don't feel safe to drive it on the road to have it tested for codes.

What I have done:
I went to check the 80amp Mega Fuse that is used for the power steering. When I removed the fuse I dropped it and landed somewhere is space gone for good. With the fuse out the wheel would not turn at all and my service light came on. I ordered a replacement fuse (so I thought) from Mouser Electronics and when it arrived it was too big. I could not tell from the picture when I ordered it. However it looked just like it. I checked with Littelfuse who makes the fuse and I could not find it. Every local store had the right size but different amps. All of them said that they could not order that fuse in an 80. Not sure they have changed something since then.
So off to a junk yard. I pulled the fuse with the holder and connected that to my car. The steering came back, service light went out but the issues remained. You'll see the other thing (grease) I did in the video.

I hope someone out there can give me a better idea to what would cause the sluggish steering, sound while turning wheel and engine light. Unless all issues are not related and they are all just a coincident.

Here is the video:

Thank you,
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