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Default Turning the air resonator into free under hood storage

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning up the engine bay some and thought that I might remove the air resonator (I think thatís what itís called) that sits above the radiator to free up some space. Itís not like I really needed the space for anything, but the resonator doesnít exactly do a whole lot besides take up space. I know it does have some practical purpose or it wouldnít have been installed from the factory. As far as I can tell though, itís just meant to quiet intake noise, which isnít very noisy even without the resonator installed.

I noticed while it was off the car that if I cut a hole in the top of it, there might be enough space inside for a small bottle of oil and some rags for quick and easy oil topping off. With a little bit of cutting with a dremel and hinge I found lying around, I was able to make a somewhat decent looking little storage box. Since the section that was previously securing the resonator to the radiator support was now a moving lid, I wasnít sure if any extra support would be needed to keep it in place. All I had to do though was find a push pin I could easily remove by hand that also wouldnít fall out on its own and that was good enough. Every edge that was cut was covered in a few layers of duct tape mostly to be quick and lazy about it, but I donít think it looks to bad for being a completely free project, lol. I thought about cutting off the tube that goes into the air box, but I just covered the hole with duct tape so nothing could get into it, but so I could still use the air box for support holding it up. I originally wanted to use a small 16oz bottle from Dollar Tree, but it proved to let oil seep out the lid. I have to keep the bottle on itís side due to the space constraints, but I found another bottle that is also 16oz that seals way better than the first one. Itís a little bulkier but still fits in and has a convenient spout built in for pouring. 16oz will probably be enough for at least 1,500-2000 miles in my Saturn. I honestly donít really top off the oil that often but I would still always keep some in the trunk just in case. This was just a nice little convenience thing for myself, but maybe some others out there with more oil hungry Saturns could benefit from a little storage box like this too. I also threw in a triangle flashlight and a random cooking thermometer in there too. Flashlight because a flashlight may be handy in the future and the thermometer was just to see how hot things would get in there.

A more crazy idea I had after completing this was maybe being able to turn the resonator into an oil reservoir, similar to the windshield washer reservoir. The lowest point on the resonator happens to be right next to the dip stick. With a little custom tubing and a valve to control oil flow and it might be the best thing for an oil burner other than a full rebuild. Maybe Iím overthinking it though, just here to share my weekend project
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