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Default Re: Spark Plug Help, Silverstone Plugs Vs. The "Others"

Originally Posted by stanleyr
eRic, Daaaang! You went through 3 sets trying to get rid of the radio noise? Or was it the self-destruction you mentioned? What exactly self destructed?
I gave up on them not self-destructing and arcing. The first set melted. I sent them back and they sent me a set with thicker insulation on them. That set melted too. They were too long and rested on top of the (aluminum) cam cover and chaffed and the glue oozed out of the end where the grounding straps were located. I sent THOSE back with a set of OEM wires so they could measure the length and get closer to what's needed. The third set worked OK but made my radio buzz in rhythm with the engine rpm. I took them out along with the Beru Silverstone spark plugs and got Magnecor KV85 wires and AC Delco spark plugs. Problem solved. I got NGK spark plugs after 30,000 miles or whenever the AC Delco spark plugs wore out.
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