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Default Re: Jerky Saturn problem narrowed down to EGR valve. What next?

Originally Posted by satmark View Post
I'm really glad this thread popped up. I have an EGR insufficient flow code that comes and goes. I've tried all the usual cleaning fixes/replacements but never thought it might be a clogged cat. Definitely something to check - thanks!
Before taking the CAT route you first need to remove and clean the back side of the pintle on the egr valve.........

then while its off try and run a wire rope or what not into the hole that comes from #4 cylinders exhaust port. Of coarse get it in as far as you can to brake up the carbon deposits blocking the passage. then plug in your EGR valve and let it hang by the harness and start engine. It will rev pretty high let it for 4 sec and shut engine this until no more black carbon comes shooting out of the hole where the EGR valve mounts.

Edit: The better way to clean that passage it to remove the exhaust manifold where you will have access to the passage inside #4 exhaust port........but you may get enough with the wire method from the other end.
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