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Default Re: Jerky Saturn problem narrowed down to EGR valve. What next?

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Too many people become overly concerned about gunk/grease/oil/carbon deposits inside the intake manifold.....
I totally agree. I'm the original owner of my 1997 sw2. I finished replacing the head gasket last week. The intake had plenty of carbon crud. I didn't waste time cleaning it because it wasn't causing a problem. My warn out head gasket was dumping exhaust into the coolant bottle and even turned it black from exhaust. Replaced the HG not more bubbling over of the coolant.

I just found a 7/16" vacuum hose that was off just under the intake manifold and put it back on. I think it is for the Charcoal canister purge. No codes. Warm idle fell to 900 from 1100 or so. Yesterday, I removed and cleaned the throttle body and the IAC and installed a new gasket. I should have left it alone because it has never been cleaned or removed and worked perfect. After I started the car the motor reved up to 1800 rpms so now I know it is messed up and will replace it with another from the junkyard.

I just posting this to suggest leaving the IAC alone and address the real problems not just remove and clean parts in the hope that will be a magic cure.

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