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Default Re: Well, it's official - the '00 is getting modded...

my advice: ditch those worthless rotors and get the cheapos.
Too late, the SMS kit was on the car when I made the post, and is what made me decide to keep going with the car. Have to say I love them, too - actual braking force isn't greatly improved (switching the Satisfied pads - which are okay - for some HP+ would fix that) but fade is DRASTICALLY reduced. Like, night and day. Noticable even around town, like coming down a downhill offramp and a good clip, heaving on the poor things to make a tight right at the bottom, then zipping 2 blocks up and stopping for a left turn light, for example - a more-than-once-a-day thing for me. With the stockers, fade was very apparent approaching that light after the 80+ mph to 30 heel-toe series coming down the ramp. And it was downright bad if I'd been hard on the brakes while on the freeway beforehand. Likewise, one good decelerative rip from 90 or 100 to 40 or so would have them sweating badly enough that you could feel it while braking, nevermind using them again shortly afterwords. Sure as hell not worthy for track days! Now - nadda. Just stops. Me likey.

Rear disks will put me in STX. The car has ABS, so I don't have to claim it does, lol. Wouldn't matter, '98+ had rear drums with the ABS too. The LSD will put me in STX anyway, so I don't care. I was given to believe that the disk swap was okay in DSP, but if it's not I'll forgo the t/b and intake manifold and roll on 615's instead of slicks, go to STX. No big deal.

Lightweight wheels are a given. Just a matter of which ones on what budget. :shrug: I'll probably bump up to 16's or 17's for the shorter sidewall and wider rubber combination, most likely run a 225 or 235 45 series on a 17x7" rim. Gearing won't be shortened like it would with a 205 or 225 50 series for autox, but they'll be my street tires, too, so I'll keep the speedo reading okay and the odometer correct. Go with a wheel with a bit less offset to move the extra width to the outside.

I'll probably build my own CAI unless I can find a worthy one cheap. The only real money I wasnt to spend in for the LSD and coilovers, I'd like to do everything else on the cheap, get out of this project for $3k or as little over that as possible. Of course, we all know how that ends up, lol, but if I go over I'd rather spend it on a good seat and 5 point harnesses than on a prettier intake, header, or fancy strut ties. Those are all things I can provide myself. Even the wheels I'd rather buy used in good shape. :shrug:

I thought the caster sounded weird too, but didn' give it oo much thought, lol.
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