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Default Re: Well, it's official - the '00 is getting modded...

Originally Posted by Jamin View Post
...which wasn't the plan in the begining. But I'm bnringing the '96 back from the grave, and it needed rotors and pads. And afreind had one of the Saturn Motorsports Stillen slotted & drilled rotors and Satisfied carbon-ceramic pad sets around that he wasn't going to use. Front brakes from teh '00 went ot he '96, and the '00 now has upgraded front binders. And really. what's the point if I don't do more to make it worthwhile?

SO - the brakes put me in STS-STX for SOlo II. I can legally go crazy on teh suspension in that class, header (as long as it doesn't change the location for the cat), CAI, exhaust... Man, I wasn't planning on doing anything with this, lol. Now plans include rear disk conversion (will be done soon), '91/2 header (shortly as well), probably make my own CAI unless therte's a good cheap one ya'll recomend.

Which brings me to suspension. I was going to get the AMR coilovers back when that was getting going, but it didn't happen, and I decided to keep this car stock. Now that I'm not - are they stioll available? 2nd suspension bit - in teh spirit of using cheap JY parts wherever possible, does anyone know if the rear sway bar for he SW's is bigger/stiffer than the stock SC2 one, and if so by how much?

Gotta pick ou some wheels, too...

I read on 6S that AMR finally delivered after a year. There was only one OE 15mm rear sway bar on 1991-2002 S-Series twin cams. The rear disco puts you in STX unless you put ABS bits on there and claim it came that way and stay in STS. 1991-1998 S-Series only have that loophole. Get some lightweight 15x7 wheels. Oh yeah if your Cold Air Intake (CAI) is like the AEM CAI and involves cutting a hole in the wheel liner, you're no longer in STS. Short Rams like the AEM SRS or Injen, Iceman, Hotshot, K&N FIPK are OK in STS.
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