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Default Re: Well, it's official - the '00 is getting modded...

Eh - more weapon of I already have it hatn weapon of choice, LOL. I love the way it drives - I picked this car out on purpose, sought out a '98+ SC2 that is, rather than just bought a car that happened to be aSaturn. But I didn't have SOLO on the mind when I did, just a good on gas, somewhat sporty, safe and bulletproof reliable car. Every S-series I've owned has been rock solid to 150k or more (a few far more) miles. But now it's looking like I'm not going to build a purpose-built race car, so might as well breathe a little fun into this one. :shrug:

I dount the S-series will ever be a really competitive STS car. I love it, but a good driver in a WRX is tough to beat, and there are a host of other vehicles that can really chew on a Satty, no matter how well prepped. But I'm not a national level competitor, and just want to have a blast playing my favorite game that is autocross. if I can take a local trophy or two, so much the better. Daily driver power and the flexibility to have the power to play other games (track days, drag nights) is more important overall than being more competitive in STS than I would be in DSP for example.

Thanks for all the input! BTW - I've been pointed to the 2nd buy-in for AMR's. Probably do it. But iI'd like some real world feedback from people who've driven them, preferably experienced drivers with a technical knowledge of things like trail braking and proper entry-exit to give me an idea of what they're like. I'll probably get them anyway - that's a good price and there aren't many other options for under $5k or so, lol, but I'd like to get an idea what to expect. ANyone?
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