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2002 SL2
Default Help ECTS, rough/fast idle, throttle body, 2002 SL2

I have a 2002 SL2 (which nobody else on the planet seems to have) and ever since I got the thing there's been nothing but problems. Started with car would drive fine, and sometimes when I put the car in park or neutral, engine would race rpm's up to 2000. Several months go by, I replace the TPS (throttle position sensor) fixes the problem completely for two weeks, then back to engine racing. Also, every time I brake for a stop sign/light, as the car is shifting down to (probably) first gear (it's an automatic) the engine revs from 1100 to about 2000 really quick and right back down before the car will stop. When sitting and I let off the gas, the car will go by itself (even uphill) at about 10 mph.

After some research I decided the throttle body had to be cleaned, so I went out, took the main air hose off, played with it a little, put it back the way it was, and for the first time in months I could put the car in park no problem, but in park the rpms would change from 6-900 very randomly. During this time, I felt jerking and random surging when going 50 ish. After about 2 weeks, can't put in park again....

Respected the same process of playing with throttle body, nothing happened. I bought throttle body cleaner, cleaned as best I could without taking it off (had no gasket) nothing changed. I should mention, before me playing with the TB, I could turn the car off and emmidiately back on, and the idle would return to normal (1000). If I stayed under 35, I could put it in park every time. Now when I turn the car on, engine emmidiateoy climbs up 2000 and keeps going unless I shift to drive and hold the brake.(can't even warm the car up).

Service engine soon light randomly goes on and off daily.

Cleaned the egr. Went and bought iac (idle air control) MAP sensor , ECTS (engine coolant temp sensor) thermostat. I can see the ects connector and the wires, but a roughly 2 inch diameter hose connected to the engine is in the way, and a small bracket holding spark plugs are attached it to. I can see virtually no way of reaching my hand in to squeeze the plastic, and no way of getting a ratchet in there. Any help would be appreciated.

I included all the background info in case anybody would think of some magical solution I'm not seeing. Could it possibly be a leak in the gasket of the throttle body?

Regardless what I'm looking for is a solution to replacing the ECTS sensor. He only mechanic in the area that would use a customers parts is completely untrustworthy.

Also, temp. Gauge does not go above 1/4 no matter how long the car is running, but I have no idea how to remove the act compressor to get to the thermostat
Thank you!

(Oil changed frequently, all fluids good, recently replaced fuel injection line)

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