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Default Re: All to common coolant leak at the intake manifold

Ended up changing my mind about how I wanted to tackle this project. Decided to cut the manifold with it still on the car as I watched some videos and people said it was very doable with the right tools. Oscillating tool made quick work and only had to remove the intake tube and move a few wires to get access. This all happened in the afternoon. Parts arrived several hours later and I took a look at the new metal Dorman fitting and the mounting flange is warped. Apparanrly this is very common with this part. Had read some reviews about this but figured what are the chances mine is bad. And it ended up being bad. I even called an autozone a few towns over that happened to have one in stock and I asked them to take it out of the package and test how flat it was. They said theirs was also warped. How does Dorman get away with making these when so many are warped? And carsaturn doesn't exist anymore.

People said they were able to tape a piece of sandpaper to a flat surface and sand the piece flat which takes forever. Another said they had someone mill it flat. Im going to call a local machine ship in the morning and ask if they could mill it for me. Should be super quick considering the part is small. I have the studs installed and a gasket ready to go. Also picked up some high temp rtv and will use a very little bit on both sides of the gasket as an extra layer of protection. Hopefully have it fixed and installed tomorrow. I'll let the rtv cure before filling the cooling system with water and running the car to temp and then drain and refill with new coolant. Nothing is ever easy lol.
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