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Default Re: Help with understanding codes

I replaced the Camshaft sensor since I had no choice due to it breaking but nothing changed as far as power. Seemed like it did at first, maybe I just tricked myself into thinking so but going in reverse on grass takes a lot of pedal still. I'll try the Camshaft position sensor next since these parts are relatively cheap.

I think I might have found a place to buy a factor service manual but I'm not sure it's legit. Trying to research it but kinda getting mixed answers. It's not that much, compared to I guess typical pricing, but I'm more concerned with security. Have you ever heard of Here's a link to what I'm looking to try

Also, I looked at the VCX Nano it and most other versions have under 4 stars. Not to say that's not due to defects or something but would you say these are comparable?

I had the ANCEL FX2000 but wanted to try a Bluetooth one. The $20 dollar one I linked has an attractive prices and sometimes goes down. Maybe it's cheap for a reason. But if does the same as the one you mentioned I'll give it a try.

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