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Default Re: 2005 ION2 - Won't Start

Originally Posted by that1man View Post
I have an issue with my ignition not cranking the starter and have been trying to troubleshoot for a while. I can start the car because I ran a jumper wire from the starter directly to the positive hookup right next to the underhood fuse box, which ruledout a bad starter. After researching so much and trying to find the problem I glanced at this little key under there steering column. I knew of its existence but I didn't think to check it until this morning and when I pulled it out I discovered it was corroded like acid got on it. Looks like when battery terminals corrosion gets bad.

I think this might have been my ignition issue for months. I need to find out how to either bypass this or get a replacement key but the slot itself is corroded inside as well so I really want to bypass it. Here arbsime pics of the key I'm referring to..

I also had to remove the battery to charge it after trying to troubleshoot the ignition problem, which ultimately resulted in keeping the engine from starting I think due to triggering the anti-theft system from battery being out for too long. Hope that makes sense. I do know I can start the car by jumping the starter without the security key inserted, thank God, but if you have this key as well you might want to check it out.

Also try the 10 minutes 3 anti-theft security reset method. This helped me yesterday...

Although the instructions say to do the same thing 3, what ultimately ended up actually working for me was

1. Put the key in and turn it all the way (as if you are trying to start the engine) and then release to "RUN" position, as if the engine actually started and then wait for the security light stops blinking and turns off.

2. Turn the key back to off (keeping it inserted) then turn to the run position (not like trying to start the engine) and wait until the security light goes off again then try to start.

I only had to do those 2 steps. Both times take 10 minutes for the security light to stop flashing/go out. Now, my security light is on and solid but I think it might have something to do with that key below being corroded, not sure tho.

This may not be the issue in your case but maybe it is. Hope it helps tho.

Any tips on bypassing that key or replacing it would be much appreciated if anyone knows anything

Thanks and good luck to OP!
I'm glad you got your situation figured out. That is definitely an aftermarket anti-theft device. These cars definitely did not come from the factory with this. You should be able to disconnect it and restore the wiring to it's original configuration.
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