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Default Re: 2 tires or Replace all four

Originally Posted by Cheesesteak View Post
Thanks! My only remaining issue is deciding where to put the new ones. Some posts I read preferred to place them on the rear as they would 'help prevent slipping & sliding' (or whatever). But maybe they were referring to full-time awd systems found in other makes. I've always felt that, when the fronts provide the power, steering and most of the braking - you'd want the best tires to be there. Worst case - a blowout - better to have that happen in the rear than on the front. Front End Align is sched'd for Monday. Will replace tires then too probably.
I have read that it is ALWAYS advisable to put new tires on the rear on any car if only replacing two tires. This is the safest bet to not slip out around turns during wet or other low traction conditions.
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