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Default 1999 SL1 rear brake line split - has the end come for the trusty Saturn?

I had to stop suddenly yesterday due to a highway accident further ahead, and for a split second the brakes worked fine, and then the pedal went to the floor. The driver side rear brake line has a large (spraying) leak when the pedal is pushed (about underneath the driver seat), the line is most likely split.

Question 1 - Since the brake lines are redundant (I think front vs. back), why did the pedal go to the floor when the line split? It still goes to the floor even after I topped off the fluid. If I push it hard to the floor it still applies the brakes, but does not put a lot of pressure on the brakes.

Question 2 - The formed brake line kits I've located online are just for models that have ABS, and one manufacturer confirmed that it's just for use on ABS models. I'm pretty sure mine does not have ABS. Anyone know of a kit that is for non-ABS models, and/or how to apply it to a non-ABS car? How different are the brake lines for ABS models?

Hoping the end hasn't come for the trusty Saturn.

1999 SL1
358K miles, still original clutch.
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