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1997 SL1
Dizzy Wanting information on sohc to dohc swap.

I'm relativity new to Saturns I have a 1997 Saturn sl1 5speed and a 1996 Saturn sl2 auto. I currently race the sl1 in a enduro division on a 3/8 asphalt circle track. I have been wanting to up the power on the car. Car handles awesome just takes forever to get up to speed 2-3 laps. I want to swap the sl2 engine into the sl1 during the winter before next season. Just would like the information for what i need to get to complete the swap properly so its not a hack job and still get the full 7k rpm before the limiter kicks in. should i source a sl2 manual trans? Do i need anther ecm or pcm? with the sl1 trans im not hitting rev limiter yet with the single cam in the straights get to about 6100 rpm in third gear. I appreciate any advice if given thanks guys!
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