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Default Re: My battery is dead overnight

Parasitic drain is my guess. I just bought a 07 Aura that has this problem. After extensive troubleshooting today I found the following drain when key is off and all doors closed:
.72 amps - radio (pulled radio fuse (right center console) for this)
.28 amps - Pulled fuse 16 in trunk (garage door opener, digital radio receiver, & remote control door lock)
.20 amps - OnStar (pulled OnStar fuse (right center console) for this)
.13 - ignition
.23 - cluster/theft
.13 airbag battery

So from 1.7 amps to .49, so I hope my battery issues are solved now... Can live with all these pulled, but want to troubleshoot the radio issue further, my wife does want her radio back...
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