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Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
Is there a way to find out without a teardown whether high oil consumption is caused by sticking oil rings?
Not really, but with Saturns, it's a good bet--valve seals do occasionally leak, but almost all Saturn oil burning is caused by the oil rings (without drain-back holes, they get jammed up with sludge, which bakes into carbon, eventually). This problem is cured by drilling drain-back holes in the pistons, or by replacing the pistons with better designed ones, which include drain-back holes, among other improvements (such as the ones made by Sealed Power).

An incorrect or stuck PCV valve can also cause some oil consumption, so it's a good idea to replace it if you're not sure, but the rings are by far the most common culprit.

Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
I tried adding both the Seafoam and eventually the MMO to the oil on a previous car. At first the Seafoam made the oil get very dirty, very quickly, but by the 3rd oil change it didn't make the oil get dirty at all
That means it was working. It got dirty at first because the Seafoam/MMO was dissolving the sludge/deposits in there. Once it was clean, there was nothing left for the seafoam/MMO to dissolve, so it no longer made the oil darker. (That doesn't necessarily mean the engine is spotless, just that the loose deposits that the solvents easily remove are gone.)

Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
oil consumption was still the same at 1/2 qt per fillup.
Did you do a piston soak, or just add the MMO and Seafoam to your oil? Without doing a piston soak (prolonged direct contact of the full strength solvent vs splashes of the very diluted solvent), you're definitely not going to reduce oil consumption (but, like you observed, it will clean the rest of the engine).
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