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Originally Posted by DIYguy View Post
You can also try running diesel oil for a couple of changes. It has high levels of detergent and dispersants and if anything will work from the crankcase oil side, that would probably be it. Run MMO in your gas to keep the injectors clean and lubricated. It does seem to help the car run smoother (at least I can tell the difference and so can my usual carpool passenger).

However, if your oil control rings are too far gone with carbon buildup, nothing will prevent needing a ring job.

MMO does have some lubricating properties, but Seafoam is about 1/3 "pale oil" per their published MSDS. If you are going to soak your pistons with anything, do it with Seafoam (any good auto parts store has both MMO and Seafoam, even some WalMarts carry them both). But I don't recommend piston soaks personally.
By deisel oil do you mean deisel fuel? in the oil pan??? Also why not piston soak? Yes I have heard a lot of good comments on seafoam. And yes walmart rocks on their prices on most oil products including synthetic oils.
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