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Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
Question... If "soaking" the cylinders with MMO to get the gunk off and free the rings works, then wouldn't using something like Berryman's, which has more solvent and less oil in it, and is designed to clean parts do a better job?
Yes, but ultimately, most of the solvent gets past the rings. You don't want that much of a non-lubricating solvent in your oil, for one thing. More importantly, however, the solvent will wash all of the oil off the cylinder walls, so you will be starting it with no lubrication (which is obviously very bad).

Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
I also notice the MMO site does not recommend "soaking" the pistons. It says to add it to the oil. Since the oil lubricates the rings and pistons as they go up and down, that makes sense to me.
Piston soaks are not the "approved" use of MMO, but full strength MMO is far more powerful than diluted MMO, and prolonged direct contact is what is necessary to free the rings (if you have that much oil past the rings, normally, you'd be burning tons of oil). Freeing stuck piston rings in not really what MMO is designed for--that's a problem that is mostly unique to saturn (because of the design flaw).

Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
Don't mind me, I am no expert, just questioning this soaking thing, since it seems very few have success doing it anyway...
Many people report that it works miracles, and logically, it seems like it has a decent shot of working. It doesn't work for everyone, but most people who drive s-series do not have the skills and/or cannot afford a rebuild, so it's really their only option to reduce oil consumption. Some of the people claiming it works may be experiencing a placebo effect, but there are plenty of people who have claimed significant reduction in oil consumption after one or several consecutive MMO soaks.
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