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2002 SL2
2002 SL2
Default Noise Coming From Timing Belt Cover, Rear Sprocket

On my 3.0 engine I just had put in a few months ago, I'm getting a knock/rattle from the rear of the camshaft sprocket cover area. It starts about 2 min or so after cold overnight start-up, then quiets down after a few minutes. When I push down on the cover above the sprocket, it stops. It's a "plastic sound" knock/rattle from the cover. I did have the belt replaced as well. This just started last week and doesn't do it the rest of the day, even after sitting for a few hours when it's cold out. I've never heard anything like that before. I'm hoping I can still drive it safely without any damage to the belt. Any ideas ? I was going to have my mechanic check it next week. I didn't know if i should park it until then or not. Thanks for any suggestions.
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