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Default Re: 2002 SL2 Stalls when coming to a Stop

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Although this may seem out of the ordinary except for long haul truck driving, blocking off part of the radiator for winter driving can help retain heat as well as accelerate engine warm up for the very short drive you do
Yes, I've seen that in real cold climates but the car heats up OK. It's due for a antifreeze flush/renew and a new thermostat.

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
With a map sensor fault, pulling it to clean out any debris (Q-tip) blocking the little hole used to monitor manifold pressure may help.
I'm not sure if that P0107 code was real and if it was I haven't noticed anything except for the idle issue (apparently gone now). If the code returns I'll check the MAP sensor voltage and clean it - I presume that it's the device below the TB housing on the driver's side (3rd Gen DOHC). IF so, I probably should have checked it out when I had the TB removed!!

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
The pcm fuse pull resets it back to factory defaults that allows the engine/transmission to relearn engine/xmission customized parameters that come with each driver's way of driving.
Does that mean I may have erased any PCM Software/Firmware updates that a dealer had made previously? It (along with the cleanings) apparently cleared up my original idle issue. Was it wrong to pull the fuse? Was it the same as disconnecting the battery? Should I re-pull the fuse and do the brake pedal press?[/QUOTE]
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