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Default Re: 2002 SL2 Stalls when coming to a Stop

Things are looking up.

I checked the OBD codes today and it had a "Pending" P0107 (MAP Sensor low voltage) so I cleared it. I pulled the PCM-B fuse for a few hours this afternoon and then all appeared to be nominal on the way home - only a 3 mile ~ 10 minute drive but enough to get the temp gauge up to the 1/4 steady state mark. No dip in RPMs when I arrived home.

So, it looks like one/all of the following may have resolved the issue:

New Plugs and wires (less likely)
New ECTS (less likely)
TB, IACV and EGR Cleaning (most likely one of these and probably the IACV as the TB and EGR did not appear to be that dirty)

Thanks for everyone's help and fingers crossed to see if everything remains normal after I get a few more miles under it.

In any event, I'll probably do a thermostat and antifreeze change-out as it's probably due!
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