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When he replaced the alternator, the tech should have ensured all the pulleys are aligned and are clean. Misaligned pulleys could cause the belt to come off. Any junk on a pulley can cause it to fall off.

Second, the belt may not have been installed correctly - the pulleys have fins on them which ride in the grooves in the belt. If not centered properly such that the fins and grooves interlace, the belt can come off.

Third, it is possible that the tensioner is weak or stuck such that the belt isn't tight enough which could help it fall off.

Putting a belt on is not hard and doesn't take much time at all - it's a little tricky to do without good lighting because of the alignment and the fins/grooves issues mentioned above. And it doesn't address what caused the belt to go off in the first place.

Forget the lawsuit - you have insufficient damages to file one and you can't prove which of the above causes did it. I think I would have had the mechanic put the belt back on and verify the pulley alignment and tensioner.
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