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2008 Outlook XE
Question "Liftgate Open " says DIC

I have manual liftgate on my '08 Outlook XE, and just starting last night after a quick rinse that message popped up !

Pulled over thinking that I had not closed properly.
And when I attempted to open fully and shut .. the latch would not release fully, feeling like it was snagging on something.

So I went back to driver door to use power locks toggle - to fully lock and then double toggle to fully open. Then the liftgate did open and close.

Tonight on the way back, the message again reappeared while driving down the road after I thought I heard a door lock mechanism sound.

Back home attempted to open liftgate it seemed to catch on something again. Opened after doing a double toggle close/open sequence again.
Figured it was maybe this extra mat that maybe encroaching under the liftgate lip applying pressure on the lock mech'. So pulled it away .

Alas after i closed the liftgate, and trying it out, I could not open the liftgate at all.
As it was dark and late, left it as is for earlier time slot during daylight hours.

So till then, thought to ask here, if anyone else has experienced similiar and found a fix for it !?

_Manual liftgate/sensors cleaning ?
_ lock need a shot of silicone grease or graphite powder ?
_ maybe that extra mat did apply pressure and some trial/error realignment required ?

Thanks for your time and any info !


p.s. found this on another thread,
"The service manual says there is a plug located on the inside trim panel near the bottom in about the middle that when removed provides access to the lock bellcrank lever. A pull on that lever will unlock the liftgate which can then be opened from the outside..."

But this I presume is a temp' fix, as in you could not leave the lever "pulled", as the liftgate would (presumably) always be unlocked for anyone/ anywhere !?
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