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1994 SC2
Idea Driver side leak & sunroof leak-common?

Hey everyone,

I've got a '94 Saturn SC2 Coupe that I bought about two months ago. I've noticed that occasionally there is a small drip (not big enough to be a leak-YET) from the top of my driver's side window/door. Also, I do have a sunroof, and occasionally there is a small drip very near the sunroof (it's not coming directly from the sunroof, yet from the ceiling directly next to the sunroof. While both of these "drips" are not huge problems, I fear that they will someday turn into bigger problems. Plus, it's not fun driving with an intermittent "drip" on your face. (It's been sleeting and snowing here in Chicago, so it really isn't fun to have cold water/snow dripping every now and then on your face while you are driving).

The previous owner said that she had both the driver's side as well as the passenger side windows replaced (someone tried to steal her radio and busted both windows out). Wondering if this has anything to do with the drips?

Is this "dripping" problem common among Saturn owners? Or I am the only lucky one?
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